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CONFIRMED: Xbox One cannot play Game Of Thrones Season 3 Blu Ray

Since its release yesterday, forums over at the official Xbox site as well as Penny Arcade and GameFaqs filled with people complaining that their poppin’ fresh Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu Ray disks were not playing in their Xbox One consoles, but played fine in other systems.

I just grabbed a copy myself, and went straight to my Xbox One and have confirmed that this one particular season does in fact seem to be incapable of being played. I was able to watch the season on both PS3 and PS4 with no issues.

The fact is that Microsoft has been pushing for GoT for weeks now with ads on the dashboard, but the key thing to remember here is that it is being sold both on Blu Ray and as part of the Xbox Video store. Did Microsoft forgo updating the Blu Ray player on their “all in one media device” intentionally just to boost numbers on their video selling scheme?

For many Xbox One owners who had purchased the disk version of the show, they have no other Blu Ray capable players in their homes, leaving them buying from Microsoft or unable to watch, and due to HBO’s inability to modernize and make the videos available via iTunes or other digital service in a timely manner after the show has aired, this is the first time many fans have had the chance to see this season of the show.

Lots of questions and no answers from Microsoft, who has stayed quiet on the issue.

Play With Our Junk: 2014 in Multiplayer

You, fine reader, are invited to join The Kill Bunny and Evil B this year as we try out some of the most anticipated games of 2014. We have two games on the docket so far and while neither is up and running we are in the process of getting player organizations together for our fans, friends, family, and you!


Maybe you’ve heard of it? Only the biggest crowdfunded project in history, brought to you by Chris Roberts, the man who also brought the greatest game series ever created, Wing Commander. Originally set to be made for $500,000, as today Star Citizen has raised an astounding $37.1M. The game that was originally to be a spiritual successor to the classic Wing Commander series is now one of the most ambitious projects in the history of gaming. It promises to be a vast, huge, extremely big universe with both a massive twitch space ship command platform with everything from combat to piracy to trading and a planet bound FPS RPG on a multitude of planets across said universe. All of which will be a single server massive MMO sandbox the likes of which have never been seen. 

Will it live up to the hype? Who can tell, but right now sign ups are underway for the Alpha and Beta phases and backers get in immediately. We plan on being their from the beginning, and if you are already a backer you can join our Organization, a hapless band of party bound smugglers and pirates known as “The Lawn Darts” today! Alpha starts soon, so hop on board.


If you are a member of our Steam Group, you can confirm that I am a big fan of Bethesda Games. On last check, I had logged 364 hours in Skyrim. I’m sure I had similar hours on Fallout 3 and Oblivion as well. While I approach it with some trepidation, the latest gameplay videos show some promise considering the vast differences between the FPRPG and the MMO. Concerns aside, it will truly be the last stand for the pay-to-play MMO model. Debate still goes on over at our facebook page for our Guild as to what our name should be, what realm to represent, and what platform to play it on (I’m leaning PC myself), so feel free to join the group and give your input.

Join our Steam Group, Smashing Controllers, to play with us in anything else you can think of, and send us suggestions on what to play next in our Ask Box! Until Next Time!

Bunny’s Top 5 - Games of 2013

For the tail end of a console generation, 2013 ended up having a surprising amount of games that kept things fresh. While each console and even PC had its share of lackluster ports and the inevitable clones that come with the end of a cycle, there were a few games that really sealed themselves into my brain.

(DISCLAIMER: I am an independent game reviewer with zero access to the free and early games that the big guys get. So many games that might be tremendous, just weren’t in my budget. So before you go all fanboy and scream at me for not including your favorite console exclusive (I’m looking at YOU, The Last of Us), know it wasn’t that I didn’t like it, it was that I couldn’t afford to get it full price in time for this wrap up.)

As a gamer we all have spent a lot of time playing those games that catch our attention; but when it comes down to making a list of choosing which games are better than others it can become pretty hard. For me, I wracked my brain about it for several days while staring at lists of games that came out this year that I haven’t even had a chance to play yet, so much to do yet so little time to play them all. I wanted to include a variety of games that wasn’t just on one console or another but rather a little from each of those I own.

Gone Home is a first person game I picked up on Steam during one of their sales. It’s set in 1995 and play a character who has arrived to a new house after traveling Europe for a while. Exploring the empty house and finding clues as to where everyone has gone.

Saints Row 4 is the latest in the Saints Row franchise. Playing a character you create and is in the Saints Row gang where you take over the city. This time taking it back from aliens in a strange Matrix style world.

The Wolf Among Us Ep. 1 - TellTale Games’ first chapter in its new episodic game about fable characters living in secret in the modern world. The biggest feature in this cell shaded adventure is a system which adapts story lines depending on the choices you make. You play Bigby, aka the Big Bad Wolf, who polices the fables in their troubles and keeps them from breaking their laws.

Contrast - This launch title that came free with the PlayStation Network upon signing up on my PS4. A game of shadow and light where puzzles and fun come into play. Viewed through Dawn’s eyes into this shadow world you make your way in helping out her best friend Didi. Being able to pass through shadows makes a fun and interesting experience.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is played on the 3DS of which you play the mayor of your town. Interacting with our town folk and building new things in your town are just a few of your goals in this game. Taking care of your mayoral duties and keeping the town pretty can be time consuming.

I would love to hear what game(s) you enjoyed playing this year!

<3 Bunny

The Wolf Among Us: Episode One

I have a love/hate relationship with TellTale Games’ first chapter in its new episodic game about fable characters living in secret in the modern world. The biggest feature in this cell shaded adventure is a system which adapts story lines depending on the choices you make. You play Bigby, aka the Big Bad Wolf, who polices the fables in their troubles and keeps them from breaking their laws. 

As you explore the world, the choices you make and when you make them come into play with not only the story but how you are allowed to interact with your fellow fables, chosing whether to be good cop or bad cop while submerged in a world of fairy tales, legends and classic noir detective work. 

The art style comes directly from Vertigo Comics’ own “Fables” which The Wolf Among Us is based upon. The player will see some of those well known storybook characters in a grittier light than they are usually portrayed. These aren’t your sweet and innocent characters any more, who’ve escaped from their world into ours and have troubles all their own. 

I found the game play to be rather interesting but somewhat puzzling the first time around. When it came to decision making there is a timer so some of your choices are a bit more rushed than others which I was unhappy with. I understand it is a game and there should be some skill involved in decision making; however the first few times the game just throws you in with no instruction and leaves you with your first detrimental story changer right off the bat.

The major downside to the entire experience is that combat is all just a quick time event. I can never stress enough the importance of gaming companies allowing us to play the game instead of pushing buttons in a cutscene. It is 2013, and this shit was barely acceptable in Dragon’s Lair.

There is main dialogue that progresses the story but for me lacks some deviation with other characters since there are options for dialogue that don’t fit in with the character the player may be attempting to create with the karmic style of choice and consequence.

The main selling for me that kept me playing, even though at times I just wanted to get back to actual gameplay rather than watching numerous cut scenes, was the encompassing concept. The neighborhood in the Bronx that the fables live in definitely has their signature all over it, from apartment building names to shops and bars that reflect the storybook character that might live or own it. 

Most likely am going to enjoy my second playthrough, where I’m aiming for a different outcome whilst I wait for episode two to make its way to the market.

TellTale Games also released The Walking Dead and this series is lining up to be another big winner. Good to see that a company that used to make shovel ware step up to the plate and give some of the big studios a run for their money.

I give this game a total of 1 Smashed Controller for QTEs, but otherwise and outstanding addition to a long abandoned genre.

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